What Are Some Hairstyles for Medium-Length Permed Hair?

Individuals with medium-length permed hair can style their hair in much the same way as a person with naturally curly hair would, including full and partial up-do styles, casual curly ponytail styles and other styles achieved through the addition of hair accessories including headbands, barrettes, clips and ribbons. One major drawback to following the same styling instructions for naturally curly hair is that permed hair may react differently to different kinds of products and treatments. For example, using a lot of styling products may increase the need to wash the permed hair, which may reduce the life of the perm.

One easy hairstyle for individuals with natural or curly permed hair is a half-up half-down style involving a small ponytail, bun, braid or twist. This is an easy way to get the hair up and away from the face while still showcasing the curl and length of the hair. This is a suitable style for all lengths, including medium and short hair. Those people with medium-length permed hair can also do styles such as a faux bob that is accomplished by securing a small bun at the nape of the neck and allowing the hair to hang loosely down like a bob. It's a good idea for individuals with permed hair to consult their stylists about the limitations of styling prior to attempting new styles.