What Are Some Hairstyles to Match One's Face?

What Are Some Hairstyles to Match One's Face?

Hair acts as a frame to bring attention and perspective to the face, and finding the right hairstyle is often simply a matter of creating a pleasing sense of geometry after considering facial shape. Haircuts should counteract the face's flaws, and finding the right hairstyle to complement facial shape is crucial to creating a good look. Accordingly, different faces benefit from different cuts.

Oval face shapes are optimal, and most hairstyles for other face shapes aim to make those shapes appear oval. Oval faces look great with any kind of hairstyle as long as the hair does not hang over the face or eyes.

Good hairstyles for round faces aim to lengthen the appearance of the face. Hairstyles for round face shapes should emphasize height at the crown and use center parts to add length while avoiding wide, feathered hairstyles and bangs.

People with square-shaped faces should try styles with side-swept bangs, height in the crown and medium lengths. Short bobs and center parts do not look good with this face shape.

Chin- and shoulder-length haircuts work well with heart-shaped faces as do side-swept bangs. Hairstyles that are pulled straight back or that have heavy bangs tend to emphasize the wrong parts of a heart-shaped face.

Triangular faces look good with layered haircuts, especially with layers at the jaw line. Short haircuts are attractive for triangular-shaped faces as long as they are not cut square at the chin in a bob.