What Hairstyles Look the Best on a Redhead?

What Hairstyles Look the Best on a Redhead?

Hairstyles for redheaded women include long layers, asymmetric cuts, loose waves and blunt bangs. It is also important to find a cut that compliments face shape, hair texture and bone structure to enhance an individual's features.

Redheads with round faces can benefit from long layers. Long, wavy cuts bring out the angles of the face and deemphasize the roundness of the face. Side-swept bangs also help to create the illusion of sharpness.

For redheads with square faces, long, asymmetric cuts are an effective way to elongate and soften the face. Avoid pixie cuts, blunt bangs and chin-length styles. Long bangs, however, can help to soften the face. Longer cuts work well for hair that is coarsely textured or thicker.

Redheads with heart-shaped faces are suited to almost any kind of style, but particularly a cut that skims the chin or long layers that frame the chin and jaw line. Blunt cuts also work for redheads with heart-shaped faces. Try chopping bangs into long layers.

For redheads with long faces, volume is key. Keep the hair above the shoulder, and emphasize the hair at the crown. This pulls the focus upward and helps to modulate the angles of the face. Additionally, shorter cuts are effective at creating volume in thinner hair. Loose waves are also flattering. Individuals with long faces should avoid stick-straight hair and longer styles.