What Are Some Hairstyles for Fine Hair and a Round Face?

hairstyles-fine-hair-round-face Credit: Zoonar RF/Zoonar / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Some hairstyles for fine hair and a round face include the disconnected A-line bob, a low steep bob, a medium-length shag cut and a long bob. Side-swept bangs break up the wideness of a round face and blend into thinner hair.

A disconnected A-line bob is short in the back and long in the front, but it has no transition between short and long lengths like a typical A-line bob. Fringe is added at a vertical angle to lengthen the round appearance of the face. This style is flattering for thin hair because the shortness of the back makes hair look very full and gives it height.

A low steep bob is similar to a stacked bob and the length falls between the chin and the shoulders. It flatters a round face because the mixed lengths break up the width of the features. A medium-length shag hairstyle also falls longer than the chin and is great for thin hair that has some wave to it. A long bob works for any face shape, but it should have either long, layered ends or blunt ends for thinner hair.

Side-swept bangs create an appearance of angles on rounded faces. The bangs should hit at the cheekbone and be wispy so they blend into thin hair easier. Bangs can be added to nearly any length or cut style.