What Are Some Hairstyles for Crazy Hair Day?


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For crazy hair day, consider gelling short hair until stiff and then adding some fake spider webs over the top. Add a couple of spiders attached to a barrette with glue for an even creepier style.

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Another easy hairstyle for wacky hair day is to create pigtails on the side of your child's head. Cut a hole in the bottom of a cupcake wrapper big enough to thread the pigtail through, and slide it into place so the outside bottom of the cupcake wrapper touches the side of the child's head. Coil the hair into a bun that fits into the cupcake wrapper, and use bobbie pins to secure it into place. Repeat this technique for the other pigtail.

To mimic the look of Cindy Lou Who from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," place a cup on your child's head so the smaller end points up. Then, gather the hair up and over the cup and hold it into place with a hair elastic. Arrange the hair it completely covers the cup, and use extra-hold hairspray to hold the hair in place.

Other options for crazy hair day include braiding the hair into an updo and inserting glow sticks into the hair. For short hair, make the hair into a mohawk, and then use hair paint to create the image of a spiky lizard on the top of the head.

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