What Are Hairstyles for Boys With Short Hair?

hairstyles-boys-short-hair Credit: eyeliam/CC-BY 2.0

Hairstyles for boys with short hair are a short textured cut, wavy hair that is gelled for a wet look, slicked back hair with temple undercuts and a messy, bed head style. Buzz cuts are a simple hairstyle, and the hair can be left longer on top to spike it.

A short textured cut has the hair slightly shorter on the sides than the top. A hair wax or pomade can be added to the top for styling. This hairstyle works well for blending cow licks or growth patterns.

Wavy hair can also be kept shorter on the sides than on the top for a classic look. Gel is added for styling and a wet appearance.

Temple undercuts are a close cut on the side of the head, going as high as the temples. The top of the hair is left longer, and can be slicked back with gel or hair wax.

For the bed head style, the hair is cut into messy, choppy layers. This style works with short, medium or long hair. Product, such as spray wax, can be used to style the hair. Since the style is meant to be casual, a minimal amount of product should be used.