How Do You Get a Hairstyle Like Kim Kardashian?

How Do You Get a Hairstyle Like Kim Kardashian?

To get a hairstyle like Kim Kardashian, trim off any split ends , get a long haircut or apply hair extensions, use a volumizing shampoo, apply a smoothing product to wet hair and do a full blowout. Next, apply some heat protector to the hair, curl the hair in sections using a large barrel curling iron and run the fingers through the hair to create loose waves.

To re-create Kim Kardashian's wavy hairstyle, run through the following steps.

  1. Get the right haircut
  2. Kim Kardashian's hair ranges in length from just below the shoulders to below the bust. Get a cut that matches the desired length. To boost a longer style, add extensions to the hair.

  3. Wash the hair
  4. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo to add extra volume.

  5. Apply a smoothing product
  6. Apply a smoothing product to wet hair to add moisture and extra volume.

  7. Blow dry the hair
  8. Do a full blowout with a blow dryer and a large brush. To add extra volume, turn the head upside down while drying.

  9. Apply heat protecting spray
  10. Spritz a heat protecting spray on the hair to avoid heat damage from the curling iron.

  11. Curl the hair
  12. Divide the hair in sections and secure the sections using large hair clips. Use a large curling iron to curl the hair in small sections.

  13. Comb out the curls
  14. Comb out the curls with the fingers to create loose waves.

  15. Apply hairspray
  16. Apply hairspray to the hair to set the curls.