What Do Hairdressers Wear?

In most salons, hair dressers are able to wear the clothing that they want as long as it is in good taste. Most states require that hair dressers wear a smock or an apron over their clothing, so many hair dressers choose to wear clothing that complements the apron or smock.

While many salons do not have a particular dress code, there are some salons that require their hairdressers to wear a certain color. They may not dictate the style or type of clothes the hairdressers wear, but they will have the hairdressers wear either black or white. Black is the most common color worn by hairdressers because it provides a neutral background for clients getting color services and does not show colors that could get on the clothing from hair dye.

The most important thing that all hair dressers wear is a pair of comfortable shoes. Whether it be orthopedic or high heels, hair dressers always wear shoes that are comfortable to them. They are on their feet for long periods of time where they cannot move much, and they must be able to remain comfortable while they are doing a person's hair. Most states do not allow hair dressers to wear open toed shoes.