How Does a Hairdresser Thin Hair Out?

How Does a Hairdresser Thin Hair Out?

Thinning hair out is a process that can be completed in a variable amount of time depending on the length and style of hair that is being shaped. To thin hair out, you need a pair of thinning scissors, shampoo, water and a handheld hair dryer.

  1. Wash hair, and dry

    Use a shampoo and conditioner of your choosing to wash the hair. After washing the hair, dry it thoroughly with the hair dryer. It is important that the hair being thinned out is both clean and completely dry.

  2. Cut the hair to create desired texture

    Take the thinning scissors, and begin to cut the hair. Take one portion of hair at a time into your fist, and make sure you hold the scissors against the hair to assess how much is going to be cut before you start cutting. Different textures require different lengths of hair to be taken from different-sized clumps.

  3. Continue cutting as necessary

    Stop cutting the hair, and step back to assess your overall progress. Comb the hair into a number of different positions to determine whether or not it is at an appropriate length and texture. If you are unhappy with the results, continue cutting the hair until the desired look is achieved.