What Are Some Hairdos for Naturally Curly Hair?


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Flattering hairstyles for naturally curly hair include bobs, high buns, shoulder-length cuts, long and loose haircuts and afros. Like any other hair, people can wear curly hair in many ways. Regardless of whether hair is short or long, hairstyles with curls look best when people leave their locks alone, using only minimal amounts of styling products, says Glamour Magazine.

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For hair with small, thin curls, wearing a short style makes a flattering haircut. Longer hairstyles include shoulder-length cuts, which retain volume and do not look messy. Wearing the hair parted to one side, using pomade or gel to push locks back from the forehead, is another good cut for curls. Oprah Winfrey wears this style well. Shorter, equally flattering cuts include afros and bun-style updos. For a head-turning afro, people let their hair dry naturally after showering, and do not even brush it. Celebrity Kelly Rowland wears her hair in this manner.

When it comes to wearing curly hair, a natural look is the most flattering, notes Glamour Magazine. For inspiration, the magazine cites singer Alicia Keys. To achieve her look, simply apply a lightweight, leave-in conditioner after showering. Comb the conditioner through with a brush, then let air dry. Avoid touching hair after it is dry, as doing so creates frizz. Dryness is also prevented by washing hair every other day instead of daily.

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