What Are the Best Haircuts for Women Over 60?


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The best and most flattering haircuts for women over 60 include pixie cuts, bobs and textured layered cuts of all lengths that help you avoid "grandmother" hair. Carefully managed, almost any length can be a good look for older women.

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What Are the Best Haircuts for Women Over 60?
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A soft razor cut pixie, like the one seen on Isabella Rossellini as of 2015, can highlight feminine facial features. A cropped, layered bob that hits just below the jaw line can give a youthful appearance; a good example of this is the bob seen on Helen Mirren.

Diane Keaton has been sporting a shaggy layered bob, or lob, for many years. It is a good solution for thick or unruly hair, and flatters most faces. Another lob option is one with wavy texture that opens up the face and looks feminine, like the one Jessica Lange wears. For fine hair, a simple blunt lob looks very sophisticated; Olivia Newton John sports this style to good effect.To incorporate bangs into the cut, choose a side-swept lob where the bangs pull away from the face to show off the cheekbones, like the cut seen on Sally Fields.

A flirty style is the Modern Shag, Jane Fonda's cut, which has layered pieces that slightly bend away from the face at the ends. For a medium length look, go for a center part with choppy layers that blend soft bangs into the rest of the hair, like Mary Steenburgen's style. More dramatic bangs can give a temporary face lift by covering a lined forehead.

Long hair can also be flattering if it has feathery layers around the face to highlight the cheekbones. Wear it in soft waves like Goldie Hawn does to keep it looking full.

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