What Haircuts Look Best for Someone With Long Hair?


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Many haircuts exist for women with long hair, such as the "Blunt Cut" for those with bangs, the "Beach Waves" for those with any face shape and without bangs, and the "Long Bob" for those with a square-shaped face. For men, the "Beachy," "Straight and Long" and the "Tidy and Parted on the Side" are all viable options.

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The "Blunt Cut" is a classic option and relatively easy to maintain. This haircut is used mostly by women with a heart-shaped face and it has very few layers. "Beach Waves" is a slightly longer hairstyle that works best with hair longer than shoulder length. Maintaining this style requires the use of a curler and is not recommended for those with damaged hair. The "Long Bob" is a slightly shorter haircut that works well for woman with a strong jaw line as it shows it off and may even make it look more pronounced.

The "Beachy" haircut for men is relatively low maintenance and only requires the wearer to keep the hair at one length and slick the hair at the top of the head backwards. "Long and Straight" requires the use of a straightener for most men. "Tidy and Parted on the Side" is similar to the "Long and Straight," except that is requires the wearer to part the hair either to the left or the right, creating a neater look.

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