What Haircut Fits My Face Shape?


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According to InStyle, you must measure the dimensions of your face to know what type of haircut suits its shape. Once you determine the shape of your face, you can choose whether it looks best with a short, medium or long haircut. The dimensions of your face help you choose the style of the haircut as well.

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What Haircut Fits My Face Shape?
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Use a ruler to measure the width of your brow, cheekbones and jawline. Measure the length of your face from the top of your forehead to your chin. Your face has a round shape if its width is equal to its length with a jaw and forehead that curve at the corners. A square face also has a width that is equal to its length, but it does not curve as a round face does. Having a wide brow with a narrow chin means that your face is heart-shaped. If your face is round, choose a short cut with spikes, a medium cut that stops at the collarbone or a long cut with layers that stop at the jawline. Square faces look best with short-layered cuts that have short bangs, medium-layered cuts that stop at the shoulders or long-layered cuts with long bangs. If your face is heart-shaped, choose a pixie cut with short layers at the top, a medium-length cut with bangs or a long haircut with curly layers.

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