What Is the Best Haircut for Balding Men?

One of the best stylish haircuts for men that hide the beginning stages of baldness is the medium textured cut. This is a short cut with slightly tapered sides and back, which remain neat. The hair on top is slightly tussled to create the appearance of volume.

Men that want some hair showing, but desire a no fuss style, have the option of getting a classic buzz cut. This popular military hairstyle shaves most of the hair off the head and leaves just a hint of hair. A buzz cut greatly minimizes any balding spots by eliminating uneven lengths. A style very similar to a buzz cut is the short Caesar cut, which is ideal for hiding a receding hairline. This look requires close cropping the entire head, but leaving the top portion slightly longer so it can be finger brushed forward.

Men that wish to try the bearded look should consider pairing a classic buzz cut with a sophisticated thin beard. The close shaved beard draws attention to the face and away from the head. Many balding men are opting to go completely bald. Shaving off all of the hair relieves one from fussing with ways to conceal bald spots. A guy should consult with his barber to see if his head shape is right for this look.