How Is Hair Wrapped in Perm Rods?

To create compact curls that grows bigger, such as a curly Afro, take the ends of the hair, and roll upward until the curler reaches the scalp. Roll toward the floor, and keep the hair taut. For elongated coils like Shirley Temple's, start the wrap at the end that has the clamp. Roll in a slanted motion so that the hair wraps around the rod in a spiral.

Perm rods work for a number of hair types and lengths. According to Elle Magazine, large perm rods and a variety of wrapping styles create a popular "body wave" or beach look. Larger perm rods are for longer hair or to make short hair appear fuller. The curls are looser in short hair, roughly the circumference of a chunky marker. The medium-sized rods are good for shoulder length hair, while the smallest rods are for short hair or tight curls. The small rods are usually pencil width or smaller.

Though the hair needs to be pulled taut for rolling, do not pull it so tight that the head hurts or that hairs are pulled. Divide the hair into small sections to make sure the hair dries quickly. Once the curls are dry, use a pick from the root, for a curly Afro look. For longer curls, pull them apart from the bottom to hide the section lines.