How Do You Find Your Hair Type?

How Do You Find Your Hair Type?

It is possible to determine hair type using a hair classification system, like the popular Andre Walker system. This hair classification system divides hair into four main types: straight, wavy, curly and kinky.

It is possible for human hair to grow in thousands of different ways varying in texture, color and thickness. According to PopSugar, it is possible to identify hair type by comparing hair texture to a hair classification system. The Andre Walker system is widely used, as stated by Healthy Hair Dimensions.

Straight hair is type one hair. It is divided into three subtypes of hair: 1A, 1B and 1C. 1A hair is straight, flat and thin. 1B hair is straight with more volume and 1C hair is completely straight and coarse.

Wavy hair is the second type, and also divided into three main subtypes. 2A is wavy and fine with a gentle "S" curve. 2B is wavy and frizzy with a medium volume, while 2C is very frizzy, thick and coarse.

Curly hair is type three. The three subtypes of curly hair include 3A, 3B and 3C. The first, 3A, features a combination of textures with thick, loose curls. 3B hair has tighter curls with fuller volume and combination texture. 3C hair has tighter, narrow coils that frizz easily.

The fourth type is kinky hair, also divided into three subtypes. 4A is fragile with very narrow, but soft coils. 4B features more wiry and fragile coils, while 4C hair is very thick and fuzzy, with strands that tend to have a "Z" pattern.