What Are Some Hair Tips for Dry Hair?


Tips for managing dry hair involve choosing the correct hair care products and treating the hair gently. Avoiding dry hair to begin with and determining the cause of the dryness are also useful.

Dry hair typically needs more moisture. As such, products with botanical oils, such as avocado, argan or olive, are good choices. The salon brand Redken makes a product with avocado oil called All Soft that even includes a hair oil with argan in it. Other conditioning agents that help hair retain moisture are glycerin, sodium lactate and cetyl alcohol. Choosing low-pH hair products also keeps moisture in the hair.

Another way to manage dry hair is to be gentle when shampooing, brushing and styling the hair. In fact, blow-drying the hair increases the dryness factor, so hair shouldn't be dried more than 85 percent if possible. Likewise, people should avoid heat styling if they have dry hair.

Dry hair can result from chemical services, the environment or nature. Sometimes, though, dry hair occurs because of illness or nutritional deficiency. Knowing the cause of the dry hair can help manage it.

To prevent dry hair in the first place, it's best to avoid washing daily, as this doesn't allow the natural oils permeate the hair. If heat styling, leave-in conditioner or hair oil should be applied to protect the hair. When brushing, boar bristle brushes distribute oils that help prevent dry hair.