What Are Hair Styling Tools As Seen on TV?

As of July 2014, the official As Seen On TV website lists hair styling tools that include the Air Curler, the Top Styler by Instyler and Twist n Clip Hair Clips. The website also lists the Perfecter Fusion Styler, the Click N Curl and the Wet Brush Detangle Brush.

The Air Curler dries and curls hair in one step, and it fits most hair dryers. To use the Air Curler, attach it to a handheld dryer and place a section of hair into the bowl. The air/bowl combination creates a spinning vortex that curls and dries the hair simultaneously.

The Top Styler works on hair of any length. According to the As Seen on TV website, the Top Styler works by using gentle heat to cradle the hair evenly from root to end to help prevent damage to the hair. The Top Styler's ceramic shells use lower temperatures to set styles while creating curls, waves and volume.

Twist n Clip Hair Clips are designed to hold hair in place all day long without damaging the hair. To use the hair clips, gather the hair into a ponytail, twist it, slide the S-shaped clip through the hair like a bobby pin and lock it like a safety pin.