What Are the Best Hair Styles for Plus Size Women?

What Are the Best Hair Styles for Plus Size Women?

Good hairstyles for plus size women include highlights, layered hair, fringe and pixie cut. The best hairstyles for plus size women are asymmetric that make the face appear thinner.

Natural-looking highlights help to brighten the face and make it appear thinner. Vertically structured highlights help to draw attention away from the face have a similar slimming effect to wearing vertical striped clothing.

A layered hairstyle helps to give the face a smaller and softer look. Adding layers to the hair is also attractive and suitable for all occasions. Hair that is all one length makes the face appear larger and wider.

A fringe with side-swept bangs helps to achieve an edgy look. Feathering bangs on a strait-across fringe help to complement the face. Blunt fringes make the face appear wider and rounder. The hairstyle does not have to be short, instead longer and parted at the side.

Bobs are edgy and modern and suit most kinds of face shapes. The best bobs for plus size women should be asymmetrical to make the face appear longer. A-line bob works for all kinds of body shapes and is easy to style and care for. Traditional bobs are pixie cuts are not flattering for plus size women although a pixie cut can work if coupled with face framing bangs.