What Are Some Hair Styles for Fine Hair?

Pull fine hair back into a simple ponytail, or spend 10 minutes with a curling iron to give the ends texture, volume, and body. Other ideal fine hair hairstyles are short bobs and backcombing. Fine hair is one of the best types of hair to have for styling.

Certain styles and lengths of hair will fit different face shapes better than others. Shorter pixie cuts will add the appearance of volume, and the addition of styling products such as a molding mud can give chunky textures that suit wider faces. The classic bob is a low maintenance short haircut suitable for square faces.

Medium-length hair with loose waves and curls will suit any face shape, while beach curls are best for heart shape faces. Long fine hair is best when put into tight curls or worn in a frame cut, which suits longer faces. but avoid layering long fine hair to minimize frizz and flyaways.

No matter what the style, it is important to use a finishing spray that provides sun and UV protection. Fine hair is more prone to damage because of its structure. When using a curling or flat iron, apply thermal protection to minimize damage to the hair.