What Are Some Hair Styles From the 1950's?


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Some hairstyles for men in the 1950s include the pompadour, the ducktail, a side-part cut and the crew cut. Some hairstyles for women in the 1950s include the Italian cut, a short cut styled with a wave, ponytails with bangs, the gamine and a bouffant style.

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What Are Some Hair Styles From the 1950's?
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The pompadour and the ducktail were hairstyles typically seen on rockabilly artists and actors. They were styled with height on top of the head while the sides and back were combed back and held in place with pomade. The side-part cut has a tapered back and sides and was a more accepted style in mainstream society. The crew cut is a military-inspired flattop and was popular with high school and college students.

The Italian cut is a short, shaggy cut with a lot of curls or waves on top worn by Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s. One popular style in the 1950s was a high ponytail worn with short bangs such as the styles worn by Barbie, Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face" and Bettie Page. The gamine cut is a short pixie cut with layered bangs and shaggy length on top. Audrey Hepburn's character in "Roman Holiday" was given this cut to signify the change in her life, and the movie helped make the cut popular. A bouffant style is typically a short hairstyle with a lot of volume and height on top.

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