How Does the "No No" Hair Remover Work?


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The no!no! hair remover works by using heat to remove hair from the follicle and inhibit future growth. The hand-held hair remover uses thermicon technology.

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The no!no! is a handheld device that claims to remove hair and slow its regrowth through the use of heat. The hair removal device is effective in removing all hair types. The skin should be clean and dry before using the device. The user should slowly glide the no!no! across the skin to remove unwanted hair. Removal should be painless, and results may last for weeks at a time.

The manufacturer suggests that hair be at a length of at least 1 millimeter before using the device, and longer hair should be trimmed to stubble length before using the device. The no!no! must be charged before using for the first time. After the initial use, the hair remover may be charged or used while plugged in. The no!no! has three treatment levels. Users should begin at the lowest level and work their way up. Users may need to use the device repeatedly in the same area to effectively remove all hair. The device includes removable thermicon tips, some wider for broad areas, and some narrower for smaller, more sensitive areas. The no!no! device should not be used on breasts or genitals.

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