How Do You Get Hair Like Mollie King?


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Mollie King's ash blonde hair has taken on many styles, but usually features gentle waves or moderately large and loose curls. Achieving Mollie's loose waves is fairly easy and requires a foaming mousse, a blow dryer, and hair pins. Getting Mollie's signature curls is also very easy to do. This look requires a curling iron that reaches at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit and has a diameter of 1 inch.

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Achieving perfect gentle waves is very easy to do. Hair should first be washed and the ends should be lightly conditioned. Towel dry the hair and then pump a dollop of foaming mouse into your palms. Work the mousse thoroughly into the hair so that it reaches the roots and there are no dry spots. Next, set a blow dryer to high and begin blow drying the hair. While doing this, toss the hair from side to side and flip the hair down at the front so as to completely dry the hair at the nape of the neck. While the hair is still warm, wind it into a tight bun and fasten in place with bobby pins. Let the hair cool in this style for at least thirty minutes. Once it is cool, gently unravel the hair and lightly brush out the ends If necessary.

To achieve Mollie's large loose curls, split the hair into 1" sections and use a hot curling iron to curl. Hair should be curled so that it is away from the face, and each curl should be caught as it comes off the iron. Next, gently twirl each curl with an index finger to make the curls tighter. Lastly, shake the hair and fluff with fingers as necessary. That's all it takes!

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