How Do You Get Your Hair to Grow Longer?


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Long hair is the product of keeping hair moisturized, vigorously massaging the scalp prior to a shower and shielding hair from heat during styling, explains Cosmopolitan. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and taking multivitamins are also essential for growing long hair, notes Natural Hair Rules.

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Dry, brittle hair is unlikely to attain appreciable length, warns Cosmopolitan. Hair can only grow long if it is kept consistently moisturized. To keep hair properly moisturized, the use of conditioners and shampoos formulated with avocado oil and shea butter is highly recommended.

Hair is also unlikely to grow long if it is constantly exposed to elevated temperatures for lengthy periods of time. Excessive friction, such as that from extremely vigorous combing, is also detrimental to hair growth. For those reasons, the use of wide-toothed brushes for detangling hair and specialized heat-shielding sprays before styling is recommended.

Long hair is the product of the right diet, explains Tamara. Salmon, herring, trout, walnuts, avocado, pumpkin seeds, eggs, poultry, lentils, spinach and sweet potatoes, among other foods provide the building blocks essential for growing healthy hair, explains WebMD. A scalp covered with a layer of oil, old skin cells and dirt is detrimental to hair growth, warns Cosmopolitan. For that reason, Tamara recommends shampooing hair every seven to 14 days. This process also rids hair of growth-inhibiting bacteria.

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