Why Does Your Hair Grow so Fast?

Hair growth rate varies from person to person, and there are various factors that can impact hair growth. For instance, because hair is made primarily of protein and water, consuming more of these things may enhance and speed up hair growth.

Hair growth is natural process involving hair follicles, which are present at birth. Blood vessels nourish and feed the follicles to promote hair growth. For this reason, good circulation may lead to faster hair growth when compared to those with poor circulation. Hormonal influences also affect hair growth. For instance, testosterone causes body hair growth. This is why men have hair on their chests, and thicker hair on their arms and legs, than women. The cells found within the hair follicle multiply rapidly, causing hair to continue to grow. While the follicle and the surrounding areas are living, the actual hair is not living. When the hair follicles are active, the cells divide quite quickly and form new hair. This is known as the anagen phase. Once the hair grows, it is pushed up and out of the follicle. Following this, the follicle will go through a period of rest. Eventually, hair will shed, and the process begins again.