How Is Hair Grease Made?

hair-grease-made Credit: i love images/Cultura/Getty Images

Hair grease is typically made of a combination of petroleum jelly, mineral oil and lanolin. It is used as a moisture sealant and is often used by people with natural hair.

Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are derived from refining crude oil, a process that also yields motor oil, propane and gasoline. Lanolin is derived from sheep; they secrete the grease to waterproof their wool. The FDA has deemed these products suitable for cosmetic use. Hair grease is created when these three products are combined. The resultant grease is an effective moisture sealant and lubricant, and it prevents moisture loss. Hair grease does not moisturize the hair itself; it merely acts as a humectant to keep the area moist.

Before using hair grease, apply a moisturizing product to the hair. Apply the grease to seal in the moisture and reduce friction on the surface of the hair. Hair grease is difficult to remove from the hair and tends to attract dirt and other particles. When attempting to wash hair grease out, use a clarifying shampoo to best remove the product residue from the hair. Follow the clarifying shampoo with a strong deep conditioning product for best results, suggests Derby City Naturals.