How Is Hair Dyed Using Coffee?

hair-dyed-using-coffee Credit: MakiEni's photo/Moment/Getty Images

Coffee can be used to add depth and luster to brown hair. To get the best results, use organic coffee and leave the mixture on the hair for as long as possible.

Start by brewing a cup of strong, organic coffee. After it has cooled, mix it with 2 cups of conditioner and two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Next, apply this mixture to the hair. Leave it in for as long as possible; an hour is usually sufficient to create the desired chocolate hue. Then rinse the coffee from the hair to reveal the new, vibrant color.

A simple coffee rinse can also lead to effective results. Take a cup of brewed organic coffee and pour it over clean hair. Leave the coffee in the hair for about 20 minutes, then rinse it with apple cider vinegar. This helps to seal in color and promotes vibrancy. Rinse the remaining coffee and vinegar from hair with warm water.

If this does not yield sufficiently vibrant results, rinse the hair with coffee for several days until the desired look is achieved. While coffee cannot dye hair with the efficacy of chemical hair dyes, it is a healthy, organic way to add vibrancy.