How Do You Get Hair Dye Out of Clothing?

hair-dye-out-clothing Credit: tonivaver/iStock/Getty Images

To remove hair dye from clothing, rub the garment with laundry detergent, submerge it overnight in diluted oxygen bleach, treat the remaining stains with diluted chlorine bleach and launder the garment. This overnight procedure requires laundry detergent, latex gloves, oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach, bucket and laundry machines.

  1. Pretreat the stain

    Put on latex gloves. Rub the stain with a powerful laundry detergent, and rinse the fabric with warm water.

  2. Soak the garment

    In a large bucket, prepare a solution of equal parts warm water and oxygen bleach. Submerge the garment in this mixture, and leave it there overnight.

  3. Apply chlorine bleach

    Put on latex gloves, remove the garment from the bucket and inspect it. If the fabric is white and some dye remains visible, soak the garment in a gallon of water mixed with 1/4 cup chlorine bleach. Bleach the fabric for no more than 15 minutes. If the garment is not white, skip this step.

  4. Launder the garment

    Remove your gloves, and launder the garment according to the directions on its care label. If the overnight oxygen bleach treatment did not remove all of the dye from a nonwhite garment, add a scoop of oxygen bleach to the wash cycle.