How Do You Get Hair Dye Off Skin?

To remove hair dye from skin, clean the hair dye off the skin as soon as possible with toothpaste, vinegar or hairspray. Alternatively, use baking soda and dish washing liquid or baby oil to remove stubborn stains.

  1. Clean the skin immediately with toothpaste, vinegar or hairspray

    The sooner you clean the dye off the skin, the easier it is to remove. The experts at Total Beauty recommend using toothpaste, vinegar or hairspray to remove the dye. These products slough off dead skin, removing the dye with it. Apply any of these products to a cotton ball, and rub it on the skin until the dye is gone, then rinse it away.

  2. Use baking soda and dish washing liquid

    As an alternative, mix a small amount of baking soda with dish washing liquid, and use a cotton ball or washcloth to apply the mixture to the dye. Rub the skin gently to remove the stain, then gently rinse with warm water.

  3. Use baby oil for stubborn stains

    If hair dye remains on the skin, massage baby oil on the stain, and leave it on overnight. The baby oil decomposes the dye, making it easier to remove. Cover your pillow to make sure the dye doesn't stain the pillow case. Wash the baby oil off your face in the morning.