Which Hair Color Products Are Safest for Hair?


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Organic hair color products and those that do not contain ammonia are the least damaging to hair. Ammonia-free products do not dry out and damage the hair shaft the way their ammonia-containing counterparts do. Organic products are friendly to both hair and the environment.

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Several ammonia-free hair color options are available for purchase at beauty supply stores and drug stores. Organic hair color is also increasingly popular, and some salons carry organic dyes and color-care products. Organic hair colors can deposit and lift color just as effectively as their chemical-laden cousins without the harsh odors and damaging effects. The majority of ingredients in organic hair color products are natural, but they also contain synthetic pigments.

Henna is another choice when it comes to safety-conscious hair color. Although temporary and limited in color variety, henna dyes offer a gentle alternative to box dyes and other permanent dyes. Henna is derived from a plant and yields a coppery hue when applied to hair.

Aftercare is as important as choosing the right dye. To keep hair safe after coloring, purchase sulphate-free shampoos, conditioners and masks that are formulated to protect color integrity without sacrificing hair health. Most of these products contain a sunscreen ingredient to protect the hair pigment from compromising UV rays.

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