What Hair Color Looks Good With Blue Eyes?


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Hair with shades of blonde, red and even a range of brown hues typically look good with blue eyes. In general, however, it is important to identify the tone of the skin and eyes, which can be cool, warm or neutral, before determining the right shade to match the eyes. Tips for selecting a new shade are available online from salons like Salon Envy Chicago.

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Blue eyes come in a variety of tones, and thus the secondary eye color, which is located between the pupil and primary, or outer eye color, is used to match hair colors, according to Salon Envy Chicago. People with cool tones should consider a dirty blonde or light brown shade; warm tones work well with copper, orange and red hues, and neutral tones tend to have combination of cool and warm tones, allowing for an endless range of possible hair colors that will match the eyes. For personalized advise, seek a consultation at a local salon.

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