What Hair Color Goes With Green Eyes?


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Although it depends on a woman's skin tone, blonde hair tends to complement green eyes best. Someone looking to get their hair colored can try various shades of blonde, including honey blonde or a blonde-brown hue.

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A cooler skin tone is known for its lightness, according to Salon Envy Chicago. Those with this skin tone tend to have green eyes as well as brown, blue or a combination of green and blue. A lighter blonde hair color looks best on women with cooler skin tones, such as a silver or a platinum blonde.

Other women have a warmer skin tone, which is a deeper, darker color.. The most common eye colors for women with this skin tone are green, brown or a combination of the two. Honey blonde hair looks great on warmer skin tones, as does caramel-hued tresses.

By knowing which type of skin tone a woman has, she can make the decision about which shade of blonde will suit her best. While a very light blonde may look great with cooler skin tones, it can easily wash out a woman with a warmer skin tone, beauty resource Your Beauty 411 notes. Blonde shades that work on women with warmer skin tones can overwhelm those with cooler skin tones, but this may not always be the case.

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