What Is a Hair Color Changer?

What Is a Hair Color Changer?

Hair color changers are products that are intended to color a person's hair, and they come in various forms. Each form of hair color changer is suited to meet a different need.

Temporary hair color coats the outside of the hair and rinses out between one and three washes. It's safe for chemically processed hair.

Semi-permanent hair color lasts up to five washes. It can be used to enhance color but not to lighten it.

Demi-permanent hair color lasts through 30 shampoos. It's used to enhance, darken or cover gray hair.

Permanent hair color deposits itself into the hair shaft. It's used to darken or lighten; lightening is usually a double process.

Highlights and lowlights are used to add dimension. HIghlights add lighter sections to darker hair, and lowlights add darker sections to lighter hair.