What Hair Color Brings Out Green Eyes?

hair-color-brings-out-green-eyes Credit: Andreas Jorns Photography, Haan/Germany/Moment/Getty Images

Different hair colors can bring out or complement green eyes, but this also can depend on a person's specific skin tone. For example, there are different shades of blond, brown, red or black hair that can bring out green eyes in people with either warm or cool skin tones.

Blonde shades that may look good on warm-toned skin and green eyes are medium to dark blond with a touch of red hue to it. Light ash or platinum blond colors are not the best suited for this skin tone, but these can look good on people with cool-toned skin. Someone with a warm or cool-toned skin can opt for a red hair color but should avoid copper.

Black hair color can also go well with warm skin, but it should not be jet black. The brown hair colors best suited for warm skin are chestnut, caramel or golden hues. Cool-toned skin can opt for a medium-brown color.