What Are Hair Clipper Guide Combs?

Hair clipper guide combs are attachments that help ensure even hair length when cutting short hair. They come in a variety of sizes for cuts of all short lengths, from 1/8 of an inch to slightly more than 1 inch.

For best results when using a hair clipper with a guide comb, the hair should be clean and dry. Then, select the guide comb with the desired length. Professionals often recommend starting with a longer length to start the haircut. Hair can always be trimmed shorter, if needed. Additionally, some haircuts, such as cuts that are shorter on the sides and back than the top, require the use of more than one size of guide combs.

To cut the hair, the guide comb should be flat against the head, with the teeth pointing upward, so that hair is cut against the direction of hair growth. This ensures that the hair length is even throughout. The hair should be cut in sections, and the clippers should never be forced. Allowing them to move through the hair at their own speed ensures the best results. Men's cuts, especially those that are longer at the top, are often finished with styling shears instead of clippers.