How Do You Get Your Hair Brown After Dyeing It Black?

To change dyed black hair to brown, it is necessary to remove the black dye first by using either clarifying shampoos or color-removal products, and then dye the hair using brown dye. Once hair is dyed black, it is not always easy to remove the dye, and dye-removal products may not work. In extreme cases, if the dye does not come out, it may be necessary to wait until the hair grows back out.

When dying hair, it is easy to go from a lighter color to a darker color, but it is much more difficult to go from a darker color or a lighter one. However, with the proper products it is possible to dye from a darker color to a lighter one.

  1. First, wash the black hair with either a clarifying shampoo or a dye-removal product. It may take several washings with dye-removal products to remove all of the black dye.
  2. Next, find a brown die that is best suited for the style of hair. Many dyes are specifically designed for hair of certain type, such as dry, thick, curly or straight.
  3. Finally, apply the brown dye thoroughly and wash hair twice to make sure that all of the extra dye has been washed out.