How Do You Take Hair Braiding Classes Online?

Hair braiding classes are available through online schools such as the Rare Essence Academy or Universal Class. Rare Essence Academy offers a course for beginners and a more advanced course in braiding. Universal Class offers a basic 101 course that covers a variety of different braiding styles.

The Techniques Course with Rare Essence Academy teaches the basics of braiding, locs and hair care. The school suggests this course for natural hair enthusiasts, aspiring stylists and parents wishing to provide styling for children. Techniques the course covers include interlocking, palm rolling, finger twists, cornrows and flat twists. Students also learn about blow-drying, adding hair and straw sets.

The Advanced Course with Rare Essence Academy is ideal for students who already know basic braiding techniques. Students in this course experiment more with creativity and creating signature styles. Topics in this course include intricate braid styles, advanced loc styles and advanced natural updos.

The hair braiding class offered by Universal Class includes information on the history of braiding, hair braiding accessories, simple hair braiding and French braids. Students also learn cornrows, pigtail braids, updos and fishtail braids. The course includes information on licensing and regulations as well. Students learn at their own pace.