How Do You Do Your Hair With a Biosilk Straightener?

How Do You Do Your Hair With a Biosilk Straightener?

Biosilk hair products, including Biosilk Silk Therapy, are infused with hydrolized silk that contains vital amino acids needed by hair. The silk helps hair to develop greater elasticity, thereby preventing breakage. It also imparts shine and fortifies color-treated and damaged hair as it relaxes and straightens it.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Wash and towel dry your hair. Brush out all the tangles. Your hair should still be somewhat damp when you apply the Biosilk Silk Therapy.

  2. Apply the Biosilk cream

    Pour a little Biosilk Silk Therapy into your hand. For short hair, use an amount the size of a dime; for longer hair, the amount should be the size of a quarter. Use as little as possible to avoid creating a greasy look. Rub the cream on your palms and distribute it throughout your hair using your fingertips. Avoid rubbing it into the roots; doing so makes the hair look oily.

  3. Brush and style your hair

    Brush your hair to further distribute the Biosilk Silk Therapy cream evenly down the shaft of the hair. Style your hair, using a flat iron if you wish for further straightening. The Biosilk cream relaxes your hair to help it to straighten without frizz. Apply tiny dabs of Biosilk Silk Therapy to your hair throughout the day as needed to control frizz.