How Do You Grow Thicker Facial Hair?


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A man can grow thicker facial hair by exercising, eating right, using supplements and using external skin products designed to make hair grow faster. Lowering stress and staying properly hydrated throughout the day may also help thicken facial hair.

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Exercise is helpful in growing thicker facial hair because physical activity aids in blood circulation and raises the body's testosterone levels. Getting plenty of sleep also aids in facial hair growth and overall health. Since hair is composed of protein, eating a diet rich in protein is also helpful in growing facial hair.

High levels of stress can lead to hair loss, which is why it's important for a man to keep his stress levels low while attempting to grow a thicker beard. Taking supplements, such as vitamins D, B1, B6 and B12 and biotin, also known as vitamin B7 and vitamin H, is helpful. Special beard-growing supplements claim to help create shinier, stronger, healthier and faster-growing facial hair.

Men may choose to apply external products, such as beard oil and Rogaine, to help grow and re-grow facial hair. Men should exercise caution while using Rogaine, however, since it has been known to cause itchiness as well as lower blood pressure.

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