How Do You Grow Sideburns?


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According to Braun, separating a small part of the hair that grows in front of the ears is a way to grow sideburns. Trimming sideburns to a desired length and shape is the next step. Fading or tapering sideburns covers up a lack of facial hair growth.

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How Do You Grow Sideburns?
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Braun further notes that different types of sideburns mesh well with certain faces. For instance, if a person has a long face, the sideburns should be shorter; inversely, sideburns should be longer for someone with a shorter face.

Men's Health notes that the sideburns should not be more than an inch or so to avoid a dated look, and the sideburns should not be too bushy. The edges of the sideburns should also be neatly trimmed. However, Braun does note that more creative styles, such as mutton chops and wider sideburns, are found among creative types, and these styles provide individuality. If going for a more conservative look, the sideburns should not exceed 1 1/2 inches.

Trimming the sideburns every two or three days is ideal, and a trimmer is the best way of maintaining facial hair. To keep the volume of the hair while trimming excess hairs, adjust the trimmer and start from the head and move to the jaw. To remove more hair, follow in reverse by starting from the jaw and working way to the temple. Men's Health mentions it is important to wash sideburns with a shampoo or moisturizer and rinse after 10 seconds.

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