How Do I Grow Out Dyed Hair?

Growing out dyed hair to reveal one's natural color can be done to rid the hair of harsh dye chemicals. The process is also ideal for individuals who no longer want to hide gray hair.

  1. Replace highlights with lowlights

    If the hair is highlighted, put lowlights in the hair. This makes the tresses closer to their natural color.

  2. Allow the hair to grow naturally, and apply a "tint back"

    Let the hair grow naturally from the scalp for two to three months. This gives the beautician an accurate idea of one's true hair color. Ask a beautician to apply a tint back to the hair to restore its natural color and replace missing pigments in the hair that have been lost through dying.

  3. Properly moisturize the hair

    Condition the hair with a protein treatment during the growing-out process to ensure healthy growth of hair.