How Do You Grow Out Your Bangs?

How Do You Grow Out Your Bangs?

To grow out your bangs, encourage hair growth and health by massaging the scalp, using moisturizing products and getting light trims. Keep bangs out of your face with heavy styling products, pins, braids and headbands.

  1. Massage the scalp when shampooing

    Massaging the scalp increases blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. Take an extra minute in the shower to massage the scalp under the bangs.

  2. Hydrate your bangs

    When hair gets dry, it sometimes splits or breaks. To avoid this, use a deep conditioner once every week to two weeks.

  3. Trim them sparingly

    Get a very light trim every six to eight weeks. Have the hairstylist incorporate the bangs into the rest of the style. Trimming also prevents split ends and breakage.

  4. Use heavy styling products

    As bangs start to grow out, they are hard to style. Use heavy styling products such as hair wax or clay to style the bangs to the side.

  5. Use pins

    As bangs grow past the eyes, keeping them in a side sweep may be difficult. Use bobby pins to keep them in place.

  6. Switch hair styles

    To keep progressively longer bangs out of your face, switch how you style the front. Twist or braid the bangs, and pin them back.

  7. Wear headbands

    Once bangs reach the stage where they're almost part of your regular hair length, start sweeping them back with headbands. This keeps them out of your face.