How Do You Grow Long Natural Hair?

How Do You Grow Long Natural Hair?

To grow long natural hair, evaluate your grooming routine, remove harmful substances and practices, drink enough water daily, eat nourishing foods and get regular trims. These practices encourage healthy hair growth.

  1. Evaluate your grooming routine

    Look over the products you use on your hair daily. Remove harsh cleansers and styling products. Replace these with natural products that nourish and protect your hair.

  2. Stop over-manipulating your hair

    Stop overusing hairbrushes and heat tools. Over-brushing and overheating your hair stretches it and makes it brittle, causing it to split. Start air drying your hair instead of blowdrying. Buy new boar hair brushes to replace old, damaging hair brushes. Give your hair a rest a couple times a week by putting it in a low-maintenance style.

  3. Add more water and whole foods to your diet

    Increase your daily intake of water. Start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables daily. If you are unable to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, start taking a multivitamin to compensate for missing nutrients.

  4. Get regular trims at a salon

    Get regular trims from a hair stylist. Taking care of split ends keeps the hair from splitting up to the root and makes the hair stronger.