How Do You Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

How Do You Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

To grow a handlebar mustache, stop trimming your mustache, and create a part in the center. Comb it regularly, and apply mustache wax every morning. Once the hair is long enough, twirl the ends to create the distinctive handlebar shape.

  1. Let the mustache hair grow

    Start a mustache, and let it keep growing. Do not trim the mustache, even when the hair grows over your lips.

  2. Comb the hair

    Once the hair has grown at least 1/2 of an inch, use a mustache comb to train the hair. Part the mustache in the middle. Comb the hair from under the nose to either the left or the right. Do this several times a day.

  3. Apply mustache wax

    Once the hair has grown at least 3/4 of an inch, apply mustache wax. Once you get out of the shower, keep the hair slightly wet. Take a dab of mustache wax, and emulsify it in your fingers. Start in the center, and work the wax into the hairs. Use the mustache comb to spread the wax more evenly.

  4. Shave around the mustache

    Continue to shave your chin and cheeks. Be careful when shaving around the mustache so that you do not shorten the hairs.

  5. Shape the handlebars

    Once hair on the ends of the lips has enough of a free edge, use the mustache wax to shape the handlebars. Apply wax directly to the free edges. Twist the ends with your fingertips, and curl the tips up. For a tighter curl, wind the ends around a pen.