How Do You Grow a Fuller Beard?

How Do You Grow a Fuller Beard?

To grow a fuller beard, genetics first come into play. Increasing testosterone levels, eating right and reducing stress contribute to full, healthy beard growth. Finally, certain vitamins and external supplements can aid in the growing process.

  1. Know your limits

    Be mindful of how full your beard can actually become. Genetics play a large role in beard growth. You must also be patient and not fall for myths, such as shaving your beard more often to make it grow in thicker.

  2. Boost your testosterone

    Facial hair is more likely to thicken with high testosterone levels and healthy blood circulation. You may achieve both of these by exercising regularly with weights and including cardiovascular workouts.

  3. Practice a healthy lifestyle

    Make sure to eat protein, as it is a large factor in thickening a beard. The combination of exercise and healthy eating can also help reduce stress. High stress levels can hinder your beard from reaching its potential. Other methods to reduce stress include meditation and boxing. Finally, always keep your body well hydrated.

  4. Use vitamins and supplements

    Biotin, as well as flax seed oil, Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 are great supplements to help you achieve a fuller beard. You may also use external supplements, such as Beard Growther and Rogaine.