How Do You Grow Black Hair?


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Black hair is more coarse and fragile than all other hair types. Black hair should be carefully maintained and properly conditioned to encourage growth and length retention.

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Black hair should be shampooed no more than once per week as washing more frequently can dry out the hair. Hair should be moisturized constantly as it is difficult for natural oils on the scalp to penetrate the entire hair shaft due to the thickness and curliness of the hair.

Experts suggest that black women should make sure that all hair products used contain moisturizing ingredients. Water-based moisturizers should be used to ensure that they are able to penetrate the hair shaft. Protein treatments should be used to strengthen the hair, but too much protein may harden and break the hair. Hair should be partially air dried or dried under a hooded dryer before manually blow-drying to reduce tension on the hair caused by blow-drying with a comb. Hair should never be blow-dried using a brush.

Weaves may be used as a protective style while growing out the hair. Properly applied weaves can reduce stress on the hair as well as breakage. Weaves should never be bonded in as this application method can cause even more breakage.

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