How Do You Grow Back Eyebrows That Have Been Plucked Too Much?

grow-back-eyebrows-plucked-much Credit: Matthew Stewart Bennett/Moment/Getty Images

Avoiding additional hair removal and allowing the eyebrows to grow out is one of the most common and effective ways to grow them back after they have been over-plucked. Products such as Joey Healy Brow Renovation may also assist with growing back eyebrows, according to Daily Makeover.

Daily Makeover states that there are several myths associated with eyebrow care, such as over-plucking them causes eyebrows not to grow back. The Huffington Post notes that aesthetician Natasha Johnny suggests allowing eyebrows to grow back for a year to restore them to the desired shape and thickness.

While allowing brows to grow out sounds like they will be left unkempt and untidy, Johnny suggests growing them out "in rows," or plucking those that are furthest away from the existing brow to add definition. Eyebrow growth may also be stimulated by exfoliating the area. She suggests using a soft toothbrush over the over-plucked eyebrow area to activate the growth process. Brow and lash serums are also popular products that include peptides, which also stimulate hair growth. Mary Kay Cosmetics and Indeed sell products that include peptides, which encourage hair growth at the follicle level. While waiting a year or so for brows to come back, people can also use eyebrow powders to fill in any unwanted gaps. Video tutorials help people to apply powders correctly as the brows grow out.