How Do You Grow Afro Hair Faster?

To grow afro hair faster, drink healthy amounts of water and fluids, eat proteins and limit use of shampoos but use hair moisturizers and conditioners. Hair follicles need the right nutrients to make hair, so nutrition is just as important as any hair products, according to WebMD.

While hair growth can alter slightly based on a person's genetics and natural type of hair, it is possible for a person to make changes and maximize afro hair growth potential. Use the following steps to grow afro hair faster.

  1. Drink water and eat proteins as well as other nutrients.
  2. Hair follicles require the right materials to grow hair quickly and strongly. Water and other hydrating liquids allow the body to run properly and keep hair moisturized longer, while lean proteins help to stimulate hair growth. Vitamins and minerals have also shown to increase the rate of hair production, according to WebMD.

  3. Avoid overuse of shampoos.
  4. Afro hair tends to dry out easily. Shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils, which means that overusing shampoos can cause the hair to become week and hinder its growth.

  5. Use hair moisturizers and conditioners.
  6. To make sure that the hair stays moisturized and strong, apply specific afro hair moisturizers and conditioners. Healthy hair will grow faster than thin, dry hair.