How Do You Grow an Afro?

How Do You Grow an Afro?

To grow hair into an afro, maintain cornrows while allowing hair to grow out. Keep the hair and scalp conditioned. Once the hair is the desired length, unbraid the cornrows, and use a pick to style the afro.

  1. Wash and condition the hair

    Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse the hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner in the hair. Once the hair has been towel dried, add fruit oil or shea butter to the strands. Comb out all the tangles.

  2. Braid hair into cornrows

    Once hair is at least 2 inches long, braid it into cornrows. After shampooing, conditioning and detangling, dry the hair. Section out a 1-inch triangle in the front, start a braid, and braid it to the scalp by adding hair from directly behind. Secure with a band. Repeat this for all the rows of braids.

  3. Maintain scalp health

    Wash the cornrows regularly with gentle shampoo. Use a scalp conditioner to keep the skin in healthy condition.

  4. Check the length of the hair

    Periodically, about every two weeks or so, unbraid the cornrows. Wash and condition the hair as before. After detangling, check the length. If the hair is not long enough for an afro, braid it into cornrows again.

  5. Style the afro

    Once hair has reached the desired length, use a pick to pull out the curls. Wash and condition the hair, and add the fruit oil or shea butter. Work from the ends up to the roots to remove tangles and loosen the curls. Use the teeth of the pick to lift the hair into the desired shape of the afro, which is typically straight out from the head.