What Are Groganics Hair Products?

Groganics makes a line of hair care products that use saw palmetto to promote hair growth. The brand has two systems: the Growth Stimulant System and the Volumizing System.

Groganics products use a DHT blocker system in order to create an environment that leads to hair growth. DHT is a metabolite that can cause male and female hair loss. Groganics uses saw palmetto to stop DHT growth, thus creating an environment where hair can grow unaffected by harmful metabolites. Besides saw palmetto, the products also contain ingredients such as chamomile, oat seed extract and vitamins.

The Groganics Growth Stimulant Line helps increase the speed at which hair grows. The line includes products like Deep Freeze Shampoo, which flushes the hair follicle, and Deep Freeze Conditioner, which calms the scalp. Other growth products include the On the Spot Drops, the Liquid Scratch and the Daily Topical Scalp Treatment.

The Groganics Volumizing System uses botanicals from the Amazon to increase the volume and thickness of hair. The line features Growthick Hair Fattening Shampoo, which fattens the hair shaft, and Feather Lite Volumizing Conditioner, which restores shine to hair. The Volumizing System also includes Moleculizing Root Lifter, Medigro Ice Oil and Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion.